January 21, 2021
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Calculate Your Score Correctly and Win Big with Rummy Points

Rummy is the game to play for every player who wants to pass their leisure time and earn some money as well in the form of rewards. Points rummy is a variant of 13 cards Indian rummy where players play for points with pre-decided rupee value. One player who makes the first valid declaration wins the game with 0 points and wins all the cash based on the opponents total points. It is one of the most popular and fastest variants of rummy games.

How is the Scoring Done in Points Rummy?

The first player who is able to secure zero points and meets all the criterions of the game is decided as the winner.

If one or more players drop the game in their first move, they get 20 points each and the game continues till a single winner emerges. If one or more players drop the game after their first move, they get 40 points each and the game continues till a single winner emerges. If a player declares without meeting the game objective, he gets 80 points and the game continues on to the next stage till there is only one player left who is declared as the winner.

Points calculation for the player who loses:

Each card carries a certain number of points. The losing player gets points equal to his hand score which is computed as follows :

J, Q, K, A of any suit carry 10 points each.All other numbered cards carry the same points as their face value e.g. 7 carries 7 points and 3 carries 3 points. The Joker cards carry zero points.

At the end of the game, a losing player’s hand score is computed by adding points for cards that are not grouped as sets or sequences with the following exceptions. If the losing player has no pure sequence, all cards are counted. However, if the losing player does not have two sequences, but has a pure sequence, then the pure sequence is not taken into consideration while counting. The maximum points that can be allotted to a player is 80. For instance, if a player’s hand score is 85 he will get only 80 points. But if a player’s hand score is 75, he will get 75 points. There is a special case where if a player misses 3 consecutive turns, he is dropped automatically from the game and the player gets a middle drop score of 40 points.


While playing rummy online is fun, keeping a score of your rummy points is also key as after all it is a game of winning and one needs to understand how the points system works in order to make his strategies for the game and win the match. A sharp player always makes sure about how points get calculated and how players lose their match to clear the confusion and win the game.

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