January 21, 2021
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Getting A New Job – Where and How?

Perhaps we are not happy with our lives or the way things are going at work and after a few years we have decided that it is better to go and find another place to work. We haven’t come lightly to this decision. Of course the other scenario is that we lost our job due to outsourcing. We must find another place to work.

There is lots of sites available e for people to who want to find a job. These job banks may all seem the same but they are really different. Some are general job banks while others are catered to particular industries. It is up to you to decide which ones you are going to use and why you are going to use them.

Career Builder: One of the largest directories available. Some of the jobs are good but an increasing amount of them are commission jobs or scam jobs. This is reducing Career Builders prior dominance.

Hot Jobs: Hot jobs was also a descent website that slowly declined as more scam and commission jobs took hold. This creates a significant problem for people who want legitimate jobs.

Career Journal: Career Journal is one of the better sites available. It is geared towards educated professionals who desire and want good jobs. Their selection is somewhat limited in certain career paths.

Nation Jobs: Nation Jobs has a few good jobs to apply to. They are a little limited in the amount of jobs that are offered but overall it is a good site to check out.

Online Application Tips:

Applying online can be both easy and useless if done improperly. The very nature of many job boards makes applying for open positions easy but these cookie cutter approaches mean that the resume on the site is a general resume. Sometimes it makes sense to cater your resume and cover letter to their particular job need.

It is also possible that many of these sites will redirect you to the company’s personal site. This can create a lot of work trying to fill out each sites individual application requirements. In the past you would print resumes and send them in the mail. Now you must spend at times up to a half hour on each application.

Remember that convenience isn’t always a good thing if it means that you have watered down your chances of getting the job you want. Avoid the desire to take the easy way out and prefer to cater as much as possible. If you address people by their formal name, rewrite the first paragraph and keep your resume simple to read you will do just fine.

Sometimes you may also do your own research by saving the email address that you sent and send a follow up email in a couple of weeks. This will show that you are truly interested in the position and may prompt the hiring manager to take a second look at your resume. Diligence may mean success.

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